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Vi kallar till årsmöte

Extrainsatt årsmöte 15e december. Läs mer här.


Join us in Gothenburg November 14-16

A whole day of Drupal will take place in Gothenburg on November 14th.
Join us for a three day Drupal-esque journey which starts off with a pub crawl on Friday;
sessions, keynotes, lunch and dinner on Saturday and a code sprint on Sunday.


Featured speakers

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire

Open Source Evangelist at Acquia, has a longstanding passion for the Drupal project and its community. This has led to him being active at the intersection between open source software, business, and culture. Increasingly in demand as a speaker, he is regularly featured at events around the world, talking about open source, digital disruption, Drupal and more. This helps satisfy his inner diva, which he also feeds with performances as a storyteller and musician.

Dick Olsson

Dick Olsson is a Senior Manager in Digital Engineering at Pfizer Inc. He has been working with Drupal as a consultant and within large organizations since 2007 and is an passionate evangelist of open source software and agile development processes.

We Want you!

Be a Drupal hero and spread your knowledge to others. Sign up to do a session at DrupalCamp Gothenburg 2014! Doing a session also gives you free entrance to the camp...


Buy a ticket and don't miss out on these awesome things...


With speakers like Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire and Kristof de Jaeger taking the lead, we're hoping for a day filled with sessions about Drupal and the interwebs!


You can't go to sessions without food in your stomach - so this year, you're getting lunch as part of your ticket.

Dinner and party

After a long day of sessions and mingling, there's nothing like sitting down with a cold beverage, enjoying a plate of tasty food. Music, discussions - and later in the night - perhaps a club or a local pub.

Goodie bag

Yes box. Start off the day with a goodie bag with something to munch on, something to read and something to use. That's all we'll say for now.

Pub crawl

On Friday night, the day before DrupalCamp Gothenburg, we head out on the town for a pub crawl in the vincinity of our venue. Don't drink too many beers though...

Meet our sponsors

Withour our beloved sponsors, we could not bring DrupalCamp Gothenburg to life. Take the chance and talk to them during the camp.


If a session isn't your type of forum, you could always arrange a BoF - Birds of a feather - a kind of discussion. We have the spot for it.

Code sprint

If everything works out as planned, we will arrange a code sprint the following day, Sunday 16th. More information will follow...



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